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**One leg elastic is slightly shorter than the other**

Creatures from under the sea!


  • Cute, printed eco-PUL waterproof outer
  • Soft microfleece inner to keep baby's bottom dry   
  • An easy to stuff, generous front-opening pocket - keep your hands clear of the mess!
  • Side-snapping to allow a great fit around the legs and waist of most babies.  Waist and legs can be adjusted independently.
  • Our unique coloured snaps make it easy for Dad's and carers to know where to do up the nappy for the best fit
  • high rise to keep tummies tucked in and prevent leaks for tummy sleepers and boys
  • Front of the nappy topstitched to keep inserts where they should be
  • Wide, strong elastic front, back and legs all fully encased for a great fit
  • "Stuff or Snap System" - small nappies can also be used as a pocket or an all-in-two (AI2). Smaller babies often require frequent nappy changes so if the inner fleece is not soiled or wet, a clean insert can be snapped in, rather than changing the whole nappy.

Bamboo/organic cotton inserts are included with each nappy.  The medium and large nappies feature a 2-layer bamboo/organic cotton trifold insert that when folded provides 6 thirsty layers of absorbency.  The small nappy comes with two 4-layer inserts suitable on their own for day use with smaller babies (2 changes as AI2, both for overnight) or as a booster (for heavy wetters, naps or overnight use) in the larger nappies.  



  • Small - 3kg-7.5kg
  • Medium - 5kg-12.5kg
  • Large - 10.5kg+

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