Who is Ecobubs and why cloth nappies?

Ecobubs is a Mum-run business, operating out of our home in the sunny Waikato region.  Since becoming pregnant with my first child in 2009 I was passionate about using cloth nappies and researched all I could about the different brands and styles.  3 children later and lots of trial and error, we are manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling cloth nappies within New Zealand and overseas.

Cloth nappies are not only great for the environment, your pocket and your baby...but they look very cute and can be a fashion accessory all on their own!

Are your products NZ made?

Yes!  The Ecobubs Wool Pocket nappies are manufactured in New Zealand by dedicated seamstresses who have been chosen for their attention to detail and the quality of their work.  By purchasing ecobubs Nappies you are helping us to keep production in New Zealand!

Our Ecobubs Essentials range are designed by us here in NZ and then made overseas in China.

All our cotton/bamboo inserts are made in China.

What about the materials?

The wool pocket is made from a wool blend fabric that is sourced, milled and dyed, right here in New Zealand, by a specialist wool miller based in Auckland.  Other fabrics used to make the pocket nappy are obtained from New Zealand based businesses who source their products overseas.

The elastic and thread used in our nappies are also sourced from New Zealand suppliers and we pride ourselves on supporting other NZ-based manufacturing companies.

We have recently redesigned the inserts used in our nappies.  In order to offer a better performing insert we have gone off-shore and had them made in China.  As most bamboo fabric is sourced from China, we felt that by having our inserts made there too we would be reducing our overall carbon footprint.

What weight/absorbency of bamboo fabric is used in your inserts?

We use bamboo/organic cotton fleece that is 360gsm prior to being pre-washed/shrunk.  We decided that this is the perfect balance between trimness and absorbency to give you an efficient, well performing nappy both day and night.

Is wool too hot or uncomfortable in hot weather?

Our wool blend outer keeps babies cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Wool is known for its temperature regulating qualities.  It is also extremely breathable. Every nappy is lined with a super soft microfleece that sits next to your babies skin.  The microfleece is not only soft and cuddly, but it allows moisture to pass through to the absorbent layer, keeping your babies more dry.  We use a thin layer of PUL between the fleece and wool-blend for waterproofing.  Babies stay dry, cozy, and comfortable. 

Do I need to lanolise the wool outer?

No!  Our wool pocket does not need to be lanolised unlike 100% wool products, yet it retains a lot of the benefits of wool such as breathability and durability.  The wool-blend fabric is super tough and long lasting.  Wash it like you would any other nappy and see just how it keeps its shape and good looks.  

Why do you only have sized nappies available?

The use of nappies that are one-size-fits-most (OSFM) can be a 'false economy'.  People often invest in nappies to last more than one child, but when using a nappy from newborn to toilet training, it goes through a lot of use - frequent washing and drying and exposure to highly acidic environments.  This puts strain on the elastics, pul and fabrics so the OSFM nappy may only last one child.

Sized nappies on the other hand are used for a short time period, while the child fits the size, so you can either on sell to fund the next size up or retain for future children.  The nappies don't have the same "wear and tear" as a OSFM nappy and are in great condition, lasting multiple children.

Ecobubs plan to add a OSFM nappy to our range in the future to meet the demands of our customers and we are currently working on patterns.

My nappies smell, how can I make them clean and fresh again?

Please contact us if you have any issues with your nappies smelling.  Working out the cause and then dealing with it, can take some trouble shooting and we would like to work through this with you.

The microfleece on my nappy seems to repel moisture, how do I fix this?

As a result of using barrier creams, oils can build up in the microfleece on the nappy and stop it doing its job of channelling moisture through to the absorbent inserts. To remove the build up, use an old toothbrush or soft nail brush to lightly scrub dishwashing liquid (with no moisturisers added) into the microfleece, then wash in warm water with no detergent.  Check to make sure all the dishwashing liquid is rinsed from the microfleece - this may require additional rinses.  We recommend using microfleece liners when using creams to prevent this from happening - they also make cleaning up solids a breeze!

If your nappy is new and the microfleece is repelling moisture, it means that it may require additional prepping.  Wash the pocket in warm/hot water, less than 60C, with plenty of detergent again and you should find that the problem resolves.

Should I soak my nappies when they get soiled?

No!  The convenient thing about modern cloth nappies and automatic washing machines is that they clean effectively without the need for soaking.  Soaking the nappies actually shortens the lifespan of the elastics and waterproofing fabrics.

We recommend flushing solids, removing the inserts, rinsing the pocket (or liner if using one) and then putting in a dry pail (bucket) or wetbag until washing day.  Never let your nappies sit for more than 2 days before washing.  I like to do a deep machine rinse of inserts and pockets/shells in cold water before washing to ensure that as much of the organic matter is removed before adding detergent.

 If you have a question that isn't listed here, please Contact Us through the website or our Facebook page.

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