Nappy Care

Preparation for First Use:

  • Wash your wool or PUL outer once before first use to remove any manufacturing residues and prepare the microfleece lining to allow moisture to pass through.  We recommend a warm wash with detergent.
  • Prewash your inserts on hot 2-3 times before first use.  This shrinks the bamboo/cotton fibres so that the inserts fit well in the pockets and fluffs up the fibres to make them more absorbent.
  • It will take 6-8 washes before your inserts reach full absorbency, so be aware of this and change more frequently initially.


Care Instructions:

Remove the nappy and dispose of any solids in the toilet.  
Remove the insert from the pocket and place both the outer and inserts into a dry pail (bucket) or wet bag.  Do NOT soak your nappies.
When ready to wash, put the pocket and inserts into the machine and do a deep machine rinse in cold water to remove any residual solids, breastfeeding poo and urine from the nappies.  Once the machine has emptied, add cloth nappy-friendly detergent and wash on a cold or warm cycle with a slow spin speed. 
Wool outers can be washed separately or in a delicates bag if you prefer, to prevent pilling or lint being attracted to the nappies.  
Avoid washing your Ecobubs wool pockets with material that contains exposed velcro.
Line dry the wool pocket and inserts for best results.
Tumble drying on low is also fine for both the wool pocket and the inserts but will contribute to increased wear over time.

Do NOT use the following on Ecobubs Wool Pockets:

  • Bleach
  • Detergents containing enzymes
  • Fabric softener
  • Barrier creams (unless using a microfleece liner)

Do NOT wash Ecobubs Wool Pockets in hot water over 60C or put them in a hot dryer.

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