Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 2007, Ecobubs Nappies has been a well loved, high performing NZ made nappy brand for years and has become many parents’ nappy of choice!
The brand was started by sisters and has gone from strength to strength being sold not only in New Zealand, but overseas in the USA and UK.  
Demand for the Ecobubs Wool Pocket remains high and the future looks bright for this household name.

In 2014, Ecobubs Nappies was taken over by Amelia and run alongside Nappy Heaven which was one of the earliest cloth nappy businesses in New Zealand.

In 2022 it has been passed on to me, Emma. I have 2 kids who are 3 and 9. I have been using cloth nappies since my oldest was 4 months old and used them from newborn with my youngest.

I look forward to bringing out new products and prints, and seeing Ecobubs Nappies grow further.


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